Fascism and The Left’s Hypocrisy

Fascism and The Left’s Hypocrisy


As we have seen in the majority of recent political discourse, the Left loves to name call. The Left knows that they can’t win any policy arguments, so they attack your character or just shout their feelings really loudly in an attempt to derail the argument. This is especially true now that a reality TV star defeated their candidate. Throughout the years, depending on the events, their favorite meaningless buzzwords change. During the Obama regime, the word “racist” was king. Everything and everyone who wasn’t all-in Left was racist, didn’t you know? I think that one of the reasons there has been so much delicious Liberal outrage is not only Hillary’s glorious defeat, but knowing that they’ll have to put “sexist” on the back burner until next time, and think of a new insult to hurl at those who dare oppose them. Their anger has set their hair on fire, and they can’t think of anything original, so they’re recycling “fascist” from the Bush years. Trump is a fascist, Trump’s cabinet picks are fascists, Trump’s voters are fascists, and even if you didn’t vote for Trump, you’re a fascist for supporting anything he does. As is the case with all the words the Left has overused to the point of meaninglessness, the narrative runs something like: “Yes, we know we’ve called everyone we don’t like racist/sexist/bigot/fascist, but we REALLY mean it this time.” So, it’s time to talk about what Fascism is, as well as why the Left has both no idea what they’re talking about, and the genuine hypocrisy that is the Left saying the word “fascist” if they’re not looking in a mirror.

It is difficult not to outwardly laugh at the Leftists who call Donald Trump and his Cabinet appointees fascists after we watched them mourn the death of Fidel Castro. The same people who weep about how terrible Donald Trump is, and shriek all the terrible things he is going to do that violate human rights, talk about what an effective leader Fidel Castro was. Yes. Really. This isn’t just the Left of the Unites States, by the way. From Obama talking about “the countless ways Fidel Castro altered the course of individual lives, and families, of the Cuban Nation,” Jimmy Carter saying that he only remembers his visits with Fidel in Cuba fondly and Castro’s “love for his country,” to the Prime Minister of Canada, to the Palestinian Dictator, to Vladimir Putin, to Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping, Leftists all over the world wept that one of their own had fallen.

To set the record straight: Fidel Castro destroyed Cuba’s flourishing economy, teamed up with Che Guevara, another mass murdering fellow who is glorified by the Left (you’ve seen him on T-shirts. I promise), he arrested and executed thousands of dissenters including anyone who tried to escape the hell-hole, and he begged the Soviet Union to attack the United States during the 1960’s Cuban Missile Crisis. A quick note about the amazing Cuban Healthcare system you’re probably hearing about: it’s all a lie. There are three tiers of Cuban Healthcare. The bottom tier of the healthcare system, which the majority of Cubans citizens qualify for, is so terrible and poor that when you go to the hospital you need to provide your own sheets, toilet paper, and light bulbs for the room. Doctors reuse latex gloves. As for their “legendary” low infant mortality rate, they have an astronomically high abortion rate because they murder any child who shows even the slightest issue in-utero. Their system only works for those in the top two tiers: the Cuban elites, and wealthy foreigners like Michael Moore. Regardless of these facts, you’ll hear Bernie Sanders and company referencing Cuba as a role model for the United States.

Why would anyone have anything nice to say about Fidel Castro? The reason is actually quite simple: The Left does not care about evil acts committed as long as they are in the name of the Leftist agenda. Moral Relativism runs rampant in the Leftist mind. You can be a mass murdering dictator, but if you are seeking the same collectivist utopia that the Left seeks, they can look past it. The Left’s entire ideology is centered around the idea of equality of outcome, rather than equality of opportunity. The rights of individuals impede the “greater good” of the state. This is in part because to the Left, rights are endowed by the State, so the State can give and take-away individual rights based upon whatever they want to do that day. This is one of the many reasons that every fascist, socialist, and communist regime has been so successful throughout history… or am I getting that confused?

Let’s look at Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s definition of what this word actually means: “Fascism-a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.” Now let’s see…race over individual…centralized autocratic government…economic and social regimentation…suppression of opposition… Does this sound like anyone we know? Refer back to my piece on the Left hating free speech.

With that definition in mind, why is it generally accepted that the Republicans are the fascists? The Left holds on to only two areas of fascism, and runs with them: nationalistic pride, and the general tendency of those on the right be religious. They create this certifiably false claim that all Republicans are trying to impose their religion onto the whole country. Side note: they also ignore the fact that while we do have Freedom of Religion in this country, Judeo-Christian values greatly influenced the founding documents of this country, as well as the Laws of any successful country in history. To say otherwise is willfully ignorant.

The Left equates nationalistic pride with ethnic pride, specifically, white supremacy. This comes from an understanding of History. In the past, the reason nationalistic pride and ethnic pride have been linked is because the people of many other countries in the world have a set race. For the most part, Ethiopians are black, Germans are White, Chinese are Asian, Mexicans are Hispanic. So when Hitler talked about German supremacy, he literally meant killing all those who weren’t Aryan. The idea that Trump is “literally Hitler” because he wants to “Make America Great Again” and is “America First” is ridiculous. America has no set race. Americans are people of every color. The faction of Trump supporters that are white supremacists is a small percentage, but the media disproportionately reports on them because it feeds their narrative and, more importantly, makes them a lot of money.

While Trump is certainly not a Fascist in the way the Left believes, there are some things we should be worried about and, no, they’re not his tweets. Everyone is very excited about Trump “saving jobs” with his Carrier deal. While you’re excited that Trump did a good thing, and on the surface this seems like an inherent good, you need to think with a clear head. As I’ve said before, Trump does not stand for small government. Trump saved between 800-1000 jobs by bullying Carrier with the threat of imposed tariffs. In other words, the government said to a business “Do what I want or I will ruin you.” This is the same crony capitalism that Trump was so against during his campaign. Just because we are getting what we want in more jobs, does not mean that the principle changes. If you were pro-Free Trade during Obama’s presidency, and now have switched to being pro-Protectionism simply because that’s what Donald Trump says we should do, you just might be the problem.

This is my biggest problem with the Trump election. Our principles don’t change just because “our guy” won the White House. Worship principles not people. Setting aside that the federal government has no Constitutional authority to dictate the behavior of a private business, this move does not encourage a free market. The solution to companies trying to outsource their businesses is not to punish them, it is to fix the reasons they want to leave. It is wrong for the government to tell a business that they must bake someone a cake, and it is wrong for the government to tell a business they must operate in a certain sector. We must be consistent. We all need to keep an eye on Trump’s economic policies and ideologies, and call him out when he does something bad, because we know we won’t hear anything about these types of things from the media. As we’ve discussed, the Left is willing to allow the branches of fascism that violate basic human rights, if everything is fair economically. It is also becoming obvious that we won’t be able to rely on Republicans to call Trump out on something they would have scolded Obama for doing.

The Left uses intimidation or physical violence to block any viewpoint not in line with their policies of thought policing, “settled science,” and inevitable economic ruin. They are trying to establish the Orwellian Thought Police, and lock up all of us intolerant Conservatives who dare to propose another line of thought. The fact that Leftists call any non-Leftist a fascist is borderline satirical. I hope they keep this nonsense up, as we all should, because this will almost guarantee more Conservative victories, and Lefty tears, in 2018 and 2020. The Republican Party isn’t perfect by any means, and we need to hold their feet to the fire, but as we’ve seen this year, imperfection Trumps fascism.


Luke Garrison is currently studying Criminal Law and Constitutional Theory at Seattle University Law School, and is a graduate of The Catholic University of America. For Questions, Comments, or Hate Mail, he can be reached at contact@lukegarrison.com. To hear more from Luke: Subscribe, using the mail icon, and follow him on Twitter: @_lukegarrison.

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