The Left is Winning the War on Free Speech

The Left is Winning the War on Free Speech

censoredHillary Clinton is about to take over the White House, backed by her army of social-justice warriors and new-age feminists who stand for Tolerance and Diversity… assuming you totally conform to their beliefs and support every one of their agendas. Should you not bend the knee to them, they will destroy you. We see outspoken Conservatives lose their jobs and have their reputations destroyed, simply because they do not comply with the current acceptable “group think.” We are watching, in real time, the United States slip into an Orwellian nightmare.

The central locations for this borderline-fascist movement are American college campuses. Since the 1960’s, colleges have decided to appease the violent leftist students, rather than combat them. The compromise has been “you stop rioting, we promise to teach about how awful America is, and to further your victim narrative.” Those appeased hippie-rioters are now the leaders of Academia. They are passing the torch of Leftist insanity from generation to generation, seeking to verbally and/or physically bully all those who disagree with their ideals, or lack thereof.

We’ll start with the most important, controversial, offensive tradition of our time: Halloween. Yes, that’s right. The tradition of children dressing up in fun costumes and being allowed to take candy from strangers in recent years, has become more about adults putting on lingerie and having too much to drink. So, upon which aspects of Collegiate Halloween are the social justice warriors focusing? Binge-drinking? Sexual assault? Nope! Not important. The most important travesty to prevent this Halloween is whether a person’s choice of costume is offensive to anyone anywhere ever. Aren’t you glad we’re focused on the important issues?

In 2015, Yale’s “Intercultural Affairs Committee” released a statement telling the students of the University which costumes they should not wear because they could cause offense. Nicholas Christakis, a Yale professor, and his wife Erika, a lecturer in psychology, had the audacity to question the statement’s censoring and controlling implications. What ensued was a campaign of character defamation and public shaming started by a small portion of the “ever-tolerant” Left on campus, simply because they injected a different line of thought into discussion. There is a viral video that shows an exchange between Nicholas and Jerelyn Luther, one of the social justice warriors (hereafter referred to as: SJWs). Jerelyn is seen shrieking at Nicholas, calling him “disgusting,” telling him to “be quiet” when he tries to explain himself, and yelling that “he should not sleep at night” because of what he’s done. She screams “Who the f*ck hired you?!” (Spoiler alert: she did. She was on the hiring committee that brought him to Yale). Both Nicholas and his wife have stepped down at Yale. A celebrated victory for Diversity and Tolerance.

In 2016, NYU Professor Michael Rectenwald was forced to go on “paid leave” after tweeting, from an anonymous account against the ridiculous aspects of the “politically correct” or “outrage” culture. He chose to make the account anonymous due to the reactions he faced, like the Yale professors faced, when he voiced his opinion. In early October, he used his Twitter persona to criticize the recent attempts to “protect students from uncomfortable speech.” After admitting that he was behind the account, he was brought in and told that he was being put on leave because the administration was concerned about his mental health. In an interview with the NY Post, Rectenwald said “They had no reason to believe my mental health was in question, unless having a differing opinion makes you insane.”

The silencing of different opinions does not only apply to the professors of these institutions. They are also in the business of banning Conservative speakers that are brought in by student clubs or associations. North Carolina University banned speakers Katie Pavlich and Ann McElhinney, DePaul University banned Ben Shapiro, William’s College banned John Derbyshire, Warwick University banned Maryam Namazie, Fordham banned Ann Coulter, Brandeis University banned Ayaan Hirsi Ali… this list goes on… Should, by accident, one of the evil Conservatives make it through the vetting process, they are met with riots, screaming and literal whistle blowing during their presentations, pulling of the fire alarm, and a barring of the doors “red-rover” style so that no one may enter the venue. Just look up UMass’s protesters screaming during Steven Crowder, Milo Yiannopolos, and Christina Hoff’s presentations, or UCLA violently protesting Ben Shapiro. Gone are the days of “I don’t agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

College is supposed to be a preparation for the real world; a place where developing minds are exposed to new ways of thinking that challenge their preconceived notions. Instead, people are entering the post-graduate life having never been exposed to ideas that oppose their own. They’ve spent their entire educational career in an echo chamber of the current leftist agendas. After the banning of a speaker, the university releases a statement that is usually along the lines of “we are concerned for the safety of the students.” So, instead of saying: “Hey Leftists, stop acting like babies,” they cancel events so that they don’t have to expose the students to the danger of different ideas. In the real world, you can’t hide from other people’s ideas in safe spaces, and you don’t get trigger warnings when some words might offend you or cause you to use your brain. The “Thought Police” don’t follow you once you graduate, at least not yet.

This ideology is beginning to become the mainstream thought of our civilized society, from the floors of the presidential debate, to every day conversation, to fiery battles on Facebook. If you don’t comply with the mainstream Leftist thinking, you are labeled as a bad person. Here’s the reason: the Left cannot defeat you on policy or logic alone. They know they can’t fight with facts, so they attack the character of those who don’t agree with them. Illustrating the proven ineffectiveness of Gun Control? You must enjoy that kids are being killed. Have some statistics demonstrating the benefits of a Free Market, or that the Affordable Care Act is both not affordable and is, in fact, imploding? Wow, I didn’t know you hate poor people. Think killing unborn babies is wrong? You’re a misogynist that wants to keep women in the kitchen. Misogynist, Sexist, Homophobe, Transphobe, Xenophobe, and, their most sacrosanct, RACIST. So now, instead of continuing the intelligent political discussion about policy, most people get suckered into defending their character and “checking their privilege.” You must resist this. If you deflect the character attacks, and keep a Leftist on policy, they will lose. Every time.

Millennials have grown up in an era of political correctness and a false sense of self-esteem. Very few of them have parents who force them to grow up. They get to college expecting their professors and all other humans to treat them as the precious snowflakes they are. In psychology, this is referred to as their personal fable. It is an expectation that you are the hero of every story, and that the world should treat you as such. This term was coined by David Elkind, referring to the egocentrism of early adolescents. Unfortunately, in modern-day America, that period of adolescence now spans until you’re about 30.

Besides being a right guaranteed by the Constitution, Free Speech is one of the factors that makes America the greatest country in the world. We don’t get to outlaw speech that we don’t like, we think is mean, or that offends us. The Left, the Right, the Social Justice Warriors, the shrieking Feminist harpies, the KKK, the alt-right, Black Lives Matter rioters, the American Nazi Party, the Communists, and every other group should be allowed to say whatever they want. I don’t want racist speech to be illegal, I want the racists to out themselves so that they can be properly challenged and defeated. Allowing the government, or anyone else, to decide which speech is “hate speech,” or which speech should or should not be allowed, leads the country down a very dangerous path. Being offended or triggered is completely subjective. This piece of writing will probably be hated by some people. Does this mean that because my words could hurt some feelings, they should be illegal or shut down completely?

The Left’s agenda of shutting down free speech is slowly, but surely, taking over the landscape of the country. What are we to do? The answer is that we fight. To quote the currently reigning Leftist, we need to “punch back twice as hard.” We know what these bullies do and how they do it, and we need to fight them. As is the case with the school yard bully, the Left is weakened when they are stood up to. We cannot be afraid of the names that we will be called for standing up for our beliefs. We need to speak the truth, regardless of whether or not that truth is popular. We cannot let the Left silence us. Ronald Reagan said “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” We must not allow this generation to be the one that concedes our freedom.


Luke Garrison is currently studying Criminal Law and Constitutional Theory at Seattle University Law School, and is a graduate of The Catholic University of America. For Questions, Comments, or Hate Mail, he can be reached at To hear more from Luke: Subscribe, using the mail icon, and follow him on Twitter: @_lukegarrison.

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