Which Poltical Party Denies Science?

Which Poltical Party Denies Science?

natgeo transNational Geographic, a former scientific publication, decided to put a sexually-confused boy with abusive parents on their front cover. Everyone can agree that that this is a bad thing, right? Not if you’re on the left. That’s right, the same people who spend their lives screaming until they’re blue in the face about the “settled science” of climate change, and labeling all those who even slightly dissent as “science deniers,” are happy to celebrate the truly anti-scientific sexual abuse of this poor boy, all in the name of diversity and tolerance.

Let’s start by talking about Climate Change…or is it Global Warming… or is it Liberal Fear Mongering to Justify Further Regulation on Your Life and Business and Put More Money into the Hands of Politiians… (That last one is a little long.) Let’s just go with Climate Change. Specifically, we’re talking about the generally accepted myth that the Federal Government has the ability or authority to regulate our lives enough to have any affect on the changing climate. Did I just call it a myth? I must be one of them SCIENCE DENIERS! Didn’t I hear that “the science is settled?”

Let’s talk about what the actual position of the “science deniers” is: We do not believe that the earth’s climate does not change. We do not believe that it isn’t currently in a period of warming. We are skeptical that the earth is LITERALLY going to explode in our life time because of the evil humans, and (most importantly) that increased government regulation is our only hope. Believing any of those things gets you labeled by not just the Leftists, but a majority of all media, politicians, your relatives, and Bill Nye the Fascist Science Guy, as a “Climate Denier,” “Science Denier,” or as someone who is “anti-science.” (Fun Fact about Bill Nye: he said on camera that it wouldn’t be unreasonable to jail climate change skeptics. Yes, really.)

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Who am I? I’m not a scientist. Don’t I know that 97% of all scientists agree that humans are destroying the earth? I do know that! I watch the fake news on CNN. The only problem is, it’s not true. Even if it were, a point worth mentioning, which we will return to later, is that agreement does not determine science. Truth does. There was a time when 97% of scientists believed the earth was flat, which is why Columbus fell off and we have no horribly racist, white-supremacist holiday. There was a time when scientists said cigarettes were fine, the universe was geocentric, and the electron was the smallest particle in the physical world… Anyway, where did this magic number of 97% come from? Two main sources: A University of Illinois survey that had a poor sample pool, and a 2013 Australian study of publications that was factually debunked repeatedly. EVEN IF these studies were properly conducted, the people they included in the magical 97% were either not atmospheric/climate scientists, or if they were, they did not agree definitively about the causes or human influence. They also were not specific about their definition of “climate change.” Were they referring to the inevitable, slow rise and fall of temperature over time? Or were they referring to the idea that if humans don’t stop burning all fossil fuel immediately, the world is going to end in 6 minutes? We just don’t know. If your main defense is a non-descript, non-specific statistic whose origin you don’t know, maybe you should do some research on your own?

So, what do actual atmospheric scientists say about the changing climate? NASA reported in 2015 that the Antarctic ice sheet is growing anywhere from 82 billion to 112 billion tons per year, depending on the year. It also turns out, that there are some things at least 97% of scientists agree on: the climate is changing, has always changed, and will always change. Since the small industrial revolution in the late 20th Century, the world is burning more fossil fuels, emitting more CO2, than ever in history, yet there has been no unnatural increase in the earth’s temperature in that time. There are countless factors that play into the earth’s climate, including, but not limited to, the proximity to the sun, the density of the clouds, and the oceanic activity. The earth’s temperature has been slowly rising since about the year 1800 (1 degree), but the humans have only been emitting enough greenhouse gasses to potentially affect the climate since the 1960’s, which we already learned has not caused an increase in temperature. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a leader in climate change hysteria, said themselves in 2007 report that “the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible.” Yet, Al Gore and company choose to ignore that.

As I said earlier, none of this is “denying” the change and warming in the earth’s climate. There is simply more to the discussion that those on the Left are not willing to have. I will pose one question to the climate alarmists: Why is it that you are so afraid of having a conversation? Can’t we have a discussion about the “settled” science without you demonizing/insulting those who don’t agree with your political solutions? As we saw when Bill Nye appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show, they won’t even entertain questions about their cult-like, political belief that they hide behind.

So why are the “Climate Alarmists” so set on shutting down this debate, or at least conceding that there’s room for one? The answer is simple: they want to exploit your fear in exchange for money. Politicians want power and money, environmentalist groups want confirmation of their obsession/lifestyle in addition to money for their organizations, and the media knows that “end of the world” type headlines sell like hot cakes. In addition, scientists outside of atmospheric studies have jumped on the bandwagon to get their papers published, regardless of what the actual experts are saying. You wouldn’t trust an orthopedic surgeon to operate on your brain, you wouldn’t trust a vocal coach to fix your jump shot, so why consult scientists who don’t specialize in the climate for your information? In psychology, we call this Confirmation Bias. People are going to see what they look for, and agree with someone who feeds their innate desire to be correct, regardless of truth.

This idea of the truth not mattering brings us to our second topic: Transgenderism. The idea that men can be women if they close their eyes, chop off their manhood, and click their size 15 ruby slippers together three times, or that women can be men if they shave their heads, tape down their Double D’s, and throw on a pantsuit. That’s right, the same people who scold you for denying science will, in probably the same day, decide that it’s totally scientific for men to be women if they feel like it. You’ve seen the headlines. Caitlyn Jenner and his transformation that I’m sure would cut a few seconds off his Olympic race times. The shock and awe that a woman’s bodily capability to grow babies doesn’t change because they have mohawks, wear polos, or rock sport coats. The man who grew out his hair somehow dominating the Women’s UFC Championship. Kelly Mantle being nominated for both Best Actor and Best Actress at the Oscars this year. The more recent, and most disturbing, “celebration” of small children who transition to another gender because their exploiting parents are trying to either advance an agenda, have time in the limelight, and/or because they enjoy the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of children.

In the last few years, there has been an acceptance and normalization of transgenderism across the globe, but specifically in the United States, the home of tolerance and diversity only for those who believe the same stuff as you do. Legislation has been passed adding transgenders to the ever-growing list of oppressed people in the factually least oppressive place in the history of the earth. Employers, small businesses, and the entire populous must allow men to use the women’s bathroom if they say they identify as that gender, and must, under penalty of law or sexual harassment lawsuit, refer to people by their preferred-gender-pronoun. In case you’re wondering: mine is “Your Majesty.” Refer to me as such or you’re a bigot.

I am not going to get too deep into the vast number of issues surrounding Transgenderism here. I’ll just make a few obvious points: There are only 2 genders. Men are men. Women are women. Biology and facts are things that matter. Your feelings are not things that matter. Consensus has zero effect on truth. Truth matters, no matter how much our culture rejects it. Normalizing and encouraging mental disorders is damaging. Would you say to a schizophrenic “You’re right. The microwave is a CIA Agent here to kill you” because you don’t want to hurt their feelings? We should be helping those afflicted with mental disorders get the treatment they need. There is zero actual scientific evidence that legitimizes Transgenderism and there is a plethora that debunks it, but this is America in 2017. Facts don’t matter, feelings reign.

At the end of the day, if a man wants to not seek help for his mental disorder, mutilate his body, throw on a wig, dress, sparkly heels, and change his name to Kandy, that’s his business. Rock on. I don’t think there are many people who care what individuals do with their private lives. But, let’s not forget that we are dealing with Leftists. Equality is not enough for them. Me not caring what Kandy does, and letting him live his fabulous life, is not good enough. The Left demands that I encourage Kandy, award him for his bravery, refer to him as her, and let him use the bathroom with my daughter. Anything short of that is unacceptable bigotry, and I must be punished by Law and/or Thought Police.

The truly despicable accepted practice is the manipulation of children for the benefit of this agenda. These parents, who are either too weak to stand up to this awful culture or are pure evil and selfish, set their child up for a traumatized life. This is met with celebration by their peers, or even being put in National Geographic, which apparently used to be about science. If my daughter came up to me at 3 years old and said “Daddy, I’m a polar bear,” I would have fun with her pretending to be a polar bear, and then the next day have more fun when she decided she was actually an airplane. There would be no difference if she said “Daddy, I’m a boy.” I would let her wear one of my neck-ties for the time that she wanted to play this game, and then she would go back to being a polar bear. The horrible reality of the time that we live in, is that there are parents who believe the words of the 3 year old instead of the common sense science and facts. They begin “transition” at that young age, allowing the child to grow up while reinforcing this idea that they are transgender, requiring by law that their schools play along with the delusion, and then giving them hormone pills to stop puberty until they can get the sex-change surgery. This rejects the fact 80% of children who are gender confused grow out of it by adolescence, assuming they don’t have evil, manipulative parents. Yet, these selfish parents will forever alter their children’s lives, not caring about the proven long term repercussions, or the growing number of stories of victims of this culture who had a sex change surgery early in life and then had to live with it forever once they returned to reality. These are your children. They are not test-subjects in your sociology experiment.

So, which sect of American political life seems like the one who is anti-science? The party that generally asserts that you can’t just change gender because of feelings, or the party that has “settled” the science and squashes all debate on the topic? The party that is generally skeptic about over-regulating the American people for a scientific ideology that is actually far more political than scientific, or the party that has, once again, “settled” the science and squashes all debate on the topic? The answer should be obvious. We must challenge the Left and break their stranglehold on the truth, it’s the only chance we have of seeing a real, cultural climate change in America.


Luke Garrison is currently studying Criminal Law and Constitutional Theory at Seattle University Law School, and is a graduate of The Catholic University of America. For Questions, Comments, or Hate Mail, he can be reached at contact@lukegarrison.com. To hear more from Luke, follow him on Twitter: @_lukegarrison.

186 thoughts on “Which Poltical Party Denies Science?

  1. I don’t mean to be belligerent, but your article seems to be a bit inaccurate in a few places. We can probably ignore the climate change stuff and just link to the evidence climate scientists at NASA believe http://climate.nasa.gov/evidence/ .

    On the issue of trans people, it isn’t entirely true that there are only 2 sexes biologically. Intersex (https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Intersex) people, such as those with XXY chromosomes, exhibit sexual characteristics of both males and females. However, that wasn’t really your issue. Historically there are a number of cultures which did accept more than two genders (https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Third_gender#/History). Generally speaking, Western culture has not been accepting of these other genders and, in cases like India, attempted to outlaw any expression of a third gender (https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Hijra_(South_Asia))

    Trans and gender nonbinary people experience gender dysphoria (https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Gender_dysphoria). Put simply, this is a psychological condition where one feels that the sex or gender they are born with is not correct. Currently treatment of gender dysphoria involves supporting preferred gender identity though psychotherapy and other methods. There does not exist an effective psychological method for treating gender dysphoria which would “correct” ones gender identity.

    If you did want to limit you topic to about adolescents exhibiting a preference or desire to be another gender, that appears to be a controversial subject scientifically. There is likely a substantial amount of research needed there. But, if I may ask, what would you do if your daughter decided to be a boy one day, and the next day, and the day after that? I don’t know if there is a good answer to that question, but perhaps it warrants consideration.

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